*** Official Surfing Photo Thread ***


Phil Edwards status
Oct 17, 2007
valley purgatory
Is that from your trip?
Yup surfed here for 2 1/2 days. Day 1 we had a couple other boats. One was just a couple that my buddy randomly had surfed with in Mexico. Super chil.l Other was a mixed bag of california surfers. Then we had it solo till our buddies boat pulled up and we took shifts.

Surfed for 9 hours the last day here. The tender had to come get me as the boat was steaming off.
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Miki Dora status
Jan 10, 2002
Vancouver Island
Been a few decent days at my old home break this October.


I was a tall skinny surfer back then, but this isn't me.

Here's one of the peripheral activities that are part of being a surfer represented in an October day end beach fire.


October was always my favorite month at JR, given the first decent swells usually arrived then plus the water was as warm as it ever got, being influenced by the water coming down the river from the reservoirs up the mountainside that were above the usual fog and had warmed all Summer.
In this photo I see the end of a great day of surfing starting with a low tide flooding in the morning and going through high tide into what is seen here.
Must have been a fun day.

Take care.

Photo credits to B Rad Carr.