***Official Surf Podcast Thread***


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Aug 6, 2003
Jacksonville Beach
Shampoo once or twice a week, Italians can't never use shampoo, we too greasy. I thought don't shampoo too often was standard knowledge :shrug: Some of you need girl friends
I just used the bar of soap in quite a bit of high school; hair was short. I still do that on trips if the hotel doesn't provide shampoo. I shampoo every time I take a shower which is generally every day, sometimes MOAR like in Summer.

I dunno if it's grease or what but 1/4 Italian and I look like a bald guy wearing a roadkill hat if no soap/shampoo in 36 hours.

I find Sterling's stuff pretty funny, especially the Pinch My Clips section.


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Jun 21, 2017
The Shane Stoneman interiew on Surf Splendor a couple of weeks ago was really good. Anyone have a board from him?
have had a handful over the years. they’re fine. I would rather pay a small amount more money to get boards from Chilli/CI/Pyzel etc, but if you’re around SLO county and want to go local then they’re probably the best option. He’s making a channel bottom twin that looks fun right now, and the glassing on the new ones is much better than it has been in the past.
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Nov 16, 2020
found the wide point forward / back discussion interesting.

have always ridden wide point forward grovelers, but as discussed in the podcast find myself way up on the nose to get into weak waves, then I'm way too forward when I pop up.

dan mann suggests wide point should be back. going to try a groveler like this soon.

also the fin forward piece though i'm not really sure why he was saying he moves the fins forward and they don't really look forward in the photos.
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Apr 15, 2008
I usually find DLS kind of annoying but the Surf Splendor interview with AJW was really good. Moving to SD as a teenager and scraping by living in his van trying to become a shaper is pretty rad.


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Oct 7, 2020
This is very good. The interviewer actually lets him answer questions, and Tomo expands on lots of interesting stuff.
Exactly! He lets him talk without interruption (unlike most of his previous ones). I thought it was a great podcast. He provided a lot of background information that I dont think he's ever talked about before. Very cool to hear how everything came about.

You gonna order a Vader V2 now? 5'7 for extra glide?