*** Official Fin Thread ***

Jul 1, 2009
Got the smaller CF Tyler Warren (Akila Aipa look-alikes) for sleeker/stretched out Rusty Twin Fin (5'7" @ 23,8l). Really good fin choice for lightweights. Ample hold and acceleration off the bottom and pivot off the top.

Was a bit unnerving coming off the bottom into the lip at such speed but board/fin combo just redirected off the top with ease and control for a repeat but even faster and more critical.

Might try the T1's in slower mushier waves to slow the board to match the pace of the wave but I can't bring myself to mess with this magic combo.

Thanks for the recs.

Thanks guys. I see there's a smaller Captain Fin Tyler Warren fin that is a spittting image of the Akila Aipas. Useful for the FCS faithful. Easier for me to get my hands on the CF vs the Futures or 3D versions. Will try them out and report back to the erBB for other lightweights.
Jan 30, 2017
what are your thoughts on Paul's fins' built in extra cant? supposedly meant to complement his SOC boars' concave bottoms
I would think that the extra cant of the fin just compensates for the box being at a lesser angle than on boards without the deep concave.

On another note: my buddy just got an SOC round twin and is having trouble figuring it out. Reckons it feels like it's pushing water.
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Michael Peterson status
Jul 13, 2020
San Diego
Anyone know the cant of the various futures Twin fins out there?

always wondered what the AMT’s are set at. Most do seem to be right around 4deg.


Gerry Lopez status
Dec 28, 2002
It makes a big difference in thrusters too. I think a lot of normal surfers in normal waves would like a little extra.


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Feb 23, 2009
T1 and EN at 4
Akika 6.5
Soc 8.5
Amt 9.5

Stock twins from fins unlimited at 8

I belive all the keels from futures are at 4

Nobody said building surfboards was easy
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