*** Official Fin Thread ***


Miki Dora status
Oct 21, 2007
eastside oahu
Dawned the regular this morning. Got there early but it looked smaller so I waited for the first sliver of light to peek over Leahi. Paddled my 5’9 Tokoro HP Twin out. Put the Power Twins in but I used a little cheater trailer. If I surf it just twin fin I use the NVS Album Fascination fins, which have a longer base. Bunch of guys were riding twin fins yesterday including a guy that irritates me. I knew he would be out today so I brought the same board he was riding and making excuses for not surfing it well. I’m so petty. haha

I talked to Kerry Tokoro yesterday. He was riding his version of a wing swallow twin. Calls it the Manini. We were talking about how you have to push a little less on bottom turns for the twin to come alive. . And Kerry said if most surfers hold back 20%, stay low and do a longer more drawn out bottom turn most boards would work better. Gonna try it when there’s waves and I’m back on my thrusters.

Waves were fun. Light wind but a weird bump on it. Shoulder to almost head high for the Asian midget that I am. Knee high for you tall Californian golden gods. Got a couple runners that I drew out the bottom turn before pumping down the line and the board flew thru sections. Did some roundhouses and got a few vert snaps. Did get a set that I bottom turned the board like I would a thruster and plowed and face planted. If I don’t ride the twin a bunch still gotta think while standing up or get reminders like that.

need 4 speed

Phil Edwards status
Nov 1, 2003
I moved a couple boards back about the same , I just excepted the fact that rail position was going to change
I didn't notice any negatives. Thanks for the input :cheers:


Michael Peterson status
Apr 13, 2016
Follow up on the NVS Taylor Knox twins. I was finally able to get the in some decent clean waves with open face for turns and I love them! there is a slight reduction in drive from the giant EN’s I have been riding but unlike the EN’s these actually have some release in turns.