*** Official 2024 Community Surf Journal ***


Phil Edwards status
Dec 19, 2003
Didn't see one started yet, so I wiil do the honors. Today the waves were in the smaller range compared to the last few days to start the new year. Head high sets with some backwash at a spot nearby, paddled the 7'2 kenson twinzer for an easy session, got some fun rights and a couple lefts, just had to be wary of the backwash. Getting out of the water I used the breaking wave to wash up towards the cobblestones and kind of tweaked my back as I braced my feet on the bottom and popped up to run up the beach. Gonna sit in the jacuzzi and stretch it out.


Phil Edwards status
Sep 11, 2018
Probably dropping in on you, California
after 2023 being the least amount of surfing ive ever done in my life - ive surfed everyday the last 2 weeks except 1. im beat up from the feet up,all my shortboards now have holes in them (all from kooks ditching boards into me) but I hope to keep the momentum going.

fun shifty peaks about shoulder high + in south OC this a.m. - lots of peeps but generally friendly vibe. beautiful crisp morning to start the new year off right. now gotta find someone to fix these boards.


Kelly Slater status
Oct 17, 2007
valley purgatory
Surfed the point early. Rode the grovelor. Fun was had, good vibes in the water.
everyone was getting waves Not big but still fun size.

roasted a younger guy on a really nice set wave , he must have taken off late behind the peak and battled whitewater the whole way. noticed him after several turns :foreheadslap: . I weas going in and saw him doing the same.
went up to apologize , he laughed and gave me a high five. good way to start the year.


Michael Peterson status
Jun 27, 2019
Showed up to the spot feeling a bit GERDy from NYE food and drink. So when I saw that the waves were pumping it took my body a few minutes — and a quick puke — to get ready and psyched. Rough start. But once I paddled out was feeling fine.

interesting swell. 2-something foot at 20 seconds mixed with a 5@13. Ended up creating some fast tubing walls. A couple of stickered-up kids from town were making it look easy to get completely shacked on every wave. In reality, for me, it was tricky and fast and tight.

quick session. Only had a 40 minute window. One satisfying turn but that was completely overshadowed by the disappointment of not getting a crispy clean tube that I kept seeing these kids pull into. Good fuel to get more tubes this year I guess.

rode the 6’4” Chris Gallagher with AM-2s.


Billy Hamilton status
Mar 25, 2019
from Oregon, now SD
Scored a pretty good afternoon session at Haleiwa after kinda writing the day off. 3ft Hawaiian, chill crowd, no current. Hadn't surfed out there since 2018 but was reminded about how fun it can be when it's small. Heading back to SD tomorrow morning, but gonna get a dawnie in before we head to the airport.


Duke status
Jan 11, 2002
The Bar
Well, I guess I know how sandbars rearranged themselves after that swell. Solid overhead lefts on outer sandbars, hollow, grinding, for at least 100 yards and then another 100 yards of rippable Trestles-like inside section. Channel where it dumped out too.

All completely inaccessible due to the shorebreak sandbar moving about 100 feet offshore, relentless overhead dumpers every 6 seconds (many of which were spitting/barfing barrels) with an occasional 15 second lull, with a visibly massive sweep up the beach that you would have no hope of even getting to or staying in position on. Watched it vainly for an hour with another local.

Ended up at the alternative spot Gabriel Garcia Marquez would have called 363 Days of Dogshit. Needed to get wet but shouldn't have bothered, backwashy, dumpy, closeout crap.

Mr Doof

Duke status
Jan 23, 2002
San Francisco, CA
Woke up gimpy today (after yesterday's double).

The tube that I didn't make had tumbled me with the board and either the fin or the rail hit the outside of my right thigh pretty well. Same with my right arm triceps.

All things considered, not too terrible, but more indication of the arrow of time (getting more on target). Oh well.


Tom Curren status
Feb 22, 2005
Central California
Really fun end of the year swell at my hometown break. Almost double overhead on the largest sets. Was pissed that I blew an inside chube section on one wave. Two days later, I lucked into the exact same scenario (except on a bigger wave) and came out. Rare to get the same opportunity twice on different days surfing the spots I do but I was very grateful and felt totally redeemed.

Back home at first light on New Years day. Only one out for the first hour, but admittedly a little spooked by the absence of people. Looked playful at first but some solid swell started pulsing and the takeoff spot seemed to perpetually move further and further out making it a challenging session. Nevertheless, a great ending to last year and nice start to this one. :cheers:


Billy Hamilton status
Mar 25, 2019
from Oregon, now SD
Dawn patrolled Sunset on my 8'0" before putting it back in the stash and heading to the airport. Super fun, still the occasional six foot set but overall mellow. Last wave I got deep up by the point and rode all the way through. Stocked!

Trip was fun, didn't really get the conditions I was looking for but still managed to get in the water all but two days. Was good to see friends and share waves. Ready to get back to my waist high mushy point breaks.


Tom Curren status
Feb 23, 2010
Solo at a point Ive never surfed before. Big sets were breaking wide and mushing out. Tweeners were the good ones. Lots of duckdiving was required. Really regretted wearing the surf hat, doh. Got a few nugs though with one in particular being especially ripable. Might try again tomorrow hopefully it will be a little smaller.