*** Official 2023 Community Surf Journal ***

Bob Dobbalina

Michael Peterson status
Feb 23, 2016
The forecast had me bummed. I finally had a window this morning and it looked like it wasn't going to provide much.

Woke up and it was offshore/no wind and waves. I was on my way to check the hiding spots for when it's big/windy and a text from a friend said it looked fun toward the North end of things.

Sure enough, I pulled up to a really light crowd and some meaty wedges. Surfline was calling it 8-12, but at this end of the beach, it felt significantly smaller than that. Maaayybe 8 foot sets now and again. Lot's of peaky ones without a ton of wall, some real easy, fun ones, and some wedging up thicker than others. I don't think I've surfed in a month, and that was a full failure of a surf session, so I took out a 6'10" just to make things easy on myself, but a slight step up would've been fine. I felt weak and off, but I was able to grab a couple soft shoulders and honestly avoided the good ones.

I thought it was kind of a bummer session, but the guy that got out at the same time as I did had a worse one. I asked "You get a couple fun ones?" and he kinda smiled and shrugged, "Nah". Then he showed me that his fresh Arakawa twin pin was buckled. "First surf" and he shook his head. He had a little solace as he works at Aqua so he didn't pay retail. But a bummer.


Billy Hamilton status
Oct 22, 2018
SF x Encinitas
Had to go this morning when I saw it was low tide, offshore and overhead! Threw the 6'1 Traveler in the car and headed for Moraga. Paddle strength took a hit over the last several weeks of sh!t surf, but I made it out and got some fun ones. Was kinda lumpy and there weren't many great sections to be had, but found 5 or 6 decent 1-turn wonders.


Michael Peterson status
Feb 12, 2006
LB —> SF
Had a short window this morning, paddled out at Lincoln and caught 3 waves in an hour and called it. Two of them didn’t offer anything except a burgery shoulder, but my last left lined up a little and made the effort worth it. Nothing to write home about but just felt good to have paddled out after being out of the water for over a month and a half due to being sick/sh!t waves/busyness.


Phil Edwards status
Sep 11, 2017
San Diego, CA
Sloppy WH-CH broken up lines at the local reef. 3 others out including one bodysurfer. Maiden voyage on DA superchunk twin with manny’s “delta-v” slot channel. Feels like a flying carpet. Crappy conditions so didn’t really get a clean face to surf… but man, it’s fast! Flew around big sections and floated over them too.
Initial impression: gonna be a great addition for the SD weak wave / gravel quiver. IMO, DA is such a great build for soft waves


Michael Peterson status
May 18, 2004
Felt like Indo today. Glassy and overcast, with long period OH waves. Uncharacteristically crowded, though, with lots of foreigners and out of towners - and I have no clue where they all came from and why, on a Monday after summer.

Nevermind, I worked around the crowds and managed two two-hour sessions at the outer point with 5-10 others. Ghost ftw.

Woke AF

Tom Curren status
Jul 29, 2009
Southern Tip, Norcal
Finally got to surf two days in a row this year.
Mostly waist high clean glassy peaks that sucked out and peeled. A few double ups. Had it to myself for the first hour and a few guys paddled out. Didn’t matter I had the rhythm in flow mode with a dozen tubelettes a varying quality. Made about half. Lost both contacts in a little dredger. Rode the Vaquero. Fun
More rain tonight. :drowning:


Michael Peterson status
Apr 13, 2016
Finally back to surfing. Between work, rain, and a little bit of travel I've barely surfed the last month+. Washed off way too much OT the last three days with shockingly uncrowded and fun surfs. Saturday was all wind swell so I went to my old beach haunt and forced myself to ride the Banjo even thought it looked like fun waves for the Twinsman. No regrets, the banjo is such a reliable first surf back board. It was a toob and turn fest out there with peaks everywhere. I mostly couldn't find the ones that threw but got a couple faux shampoos and lots of turns. Stock was high to surf pretty well after so little time in the water. Sunday I went to my usual reef on O's plasmid and had a blast. Somehow also uncrowded with enough ground swell to make it fun. This morning I took care of some work stuff and got gentleman's hour at the same beach as saturday. Much smaller and no barrels around but plenty of lips to hit. Banjo FTW. Stock is high.


Miki Dora status
Jul 13, 2020
San Diego
water in NCSD by those jetty’s was poo brown and thiccc with foam. only a few takers considering the conditions.

Elected to give it a hard pass for the weekend and earned credits for time served around the house.
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Phil Edwards status
Sep 11, 2017
San Diego, CA
Surf looked weak this am with the low tide so decided to let it fill in… then the wind came up. Late morning crappy broken-up SD spring conditions. 3-4 guys out at the reef and it looked barely rideable maybe knee-WH. Well bros, the DA superchunk twin turned it into a friggin skatepark. Chunky punchy takeoff to fs slash, race down the line for end section rock n roll floater /reo. A couple times, wave didn’t want to let me back in from the top after the first turn, so I’d step down on the front foot gas pedal, and it would feel just like dropping in from the coping, and off it went flying down the line. Zoom!
Early contender for new fave Mushbuster… just in time for Spring. Stocked