*** Official 2020 Community Surf Journal ***


Billy Hamilton status
Sep 11, 2017
San Diego, CA
Marginal rising tide 2 ft. (mainland scale) crumblers at #2 local reef. Not sure I would've paddled out if I wasn't meeting a buddy to let him try a couple boards from the Oeste "demo fleet". Not much open face or shoulder to work with out there. Still, water's warm and only a few others out, so snagged a bunch of lil ones with sone wiggles on the tomo x-wing as quad.


Miki Dora status
May 23, 2016
in da hood next to paradise
fun little inconsistent wedges with 100 of my favorite WFH'ers. first 45 mins couldnt put it together. then got a nugget right that allowed for 2 fs snaps and it turned on. got one really good feeling bs roundy that the pack saw. stocked on that one given that i am a middle aged kook flapping on a shortboar. gb #3 ftw! 2-1/4" seems to be the magic rail on that one.


Michael Peterson status
Sep 11, 2018
Probably dropping in on you, California
it was bad 30 years ago. can't imagine what it's like now lol. fk that place.
for really tho. now literally its like malibu party wave evry wave for 1 foot closeouts, lot's full by 7am, wavestorms packed into prius's, entitled silicon douchebags yappin in the parking lot about how fun it looks..ugh. make it stop!


Phil Edwards status
Apr 11, 2006
Del Boca Vista, Phase III
double over ankle in the south bay and packed to the gills. took out the spegg, couple forced little right runners before I called it a wash. surfing in LA is really starting to suxk with the influx of new people.
I thought there was a net decrease of population in LA, especially since March?

I went down to MB at Rosecrans and watched for a bit and decided fvvk it, better off working.
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Nep status
Dec 27, 2019
FWIW, yesterday and today were the least crowded I've seen it in 6 months. Maybe the kook summer won't be endless?...
if its a weekend, 2 foot and you can park in front of it. forget it. itll be an epic shitshow from dark to dark.

but yeah. its slowed down off days off hours at off spots