Neal Purchase Jnr.


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Feb 23, 2010
My friends 6-8. Such a good board. He didnt like it at first and he let me ride it at my local. Instant magic. So much glide and speed off the back foot. Im a good friend so i told him to give it a few more chances and now its one of his most ridden boards. I think he got some different fins he likes more but I havent tried it. I want one maybe a couple inches longer.


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Mar 10, 2011
I've definitely posted about his boards over the years with some pics from memory. I never clicked with his duo, but his quartets and widowmakers are awesome. I had a stringerless quartet many years ago - one of the best boards i've ever had.


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Oct 31, 2010
Def has been a few NPJ threads over the years. A friend of mine recently picked one up. Works good when the waves turn on but thats more the nature of the shape itself. Always wanted to get one being a bigger guy myself.
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Oct 8, 2013
South Oz.
My 5’8 is one of Neal’s personal boards so it actually has a quad option as well. Quad definitely goes better in subpar/grovel condition. Duo needs a bit of push BUT it doesn’t have to be absolutely cranking either. I’ve ridden it in waist high bowly reef waves and it was epic in those tight transitions. Mine is a very eggy/wide tailed outline though.
Stage 2 Duo’s supposedly go better in average conditions but I haven’t tried one of those yet.

Stage 1: 6” spread
Stage 2: 7” spread and different fins from memory.

Since selling the 6’6 Quartet I’ve also been eyeing off a Stingfish Duo around the 6’4 range as a hpsb replacement.


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Nov 15, 2010
I've got a 5'10" duo and a 6'2" 2+1. Duo is more of a "small wave board", best in chest+, punchier maybe some low tide suckier stuff. the 6'2" doesn't quite fit in that stuff, likes a bigger open face, think outer bar tropical stuff, get's in nice and easy. Really wish i had pu20200615_170039.jpglled the trigger on a quartet too.


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Apr 5, 2014
On my 2+1 I got it used and it came with the NPJ fin set which is definitely different from a traditional 2+1 set up in both size- side fins are a full base and 4" in height /center fin is 6.5" and full as well- and their position which as I also see on the Quartet is leading edge of rear(s) touching trailing edge of fronts.
If you look at old footage of Neal back in his "thruster" competition days he was riding his NPSeniors shapes and they were traditional shortboard outlines, but with bigger fins and in a tighter cluster.
Set up correctly the board has good drive and insane hold through extended turns - I separated the cluster a bit on a bigger day and it didn't ruin the board, but lost some magic for sure.
The board just has a really stable, natural glide to it and definitely was the Easiest - besides MC bonzers - board to surf on a first go out. Especially in bigger, faster waves.

Neal definitely shapes for his style surfing and it was one of the reasons I stayed distant from his boards with him being a 6'4 narrower stance, upright, goofy footed power surfer who grew up ripping backside Kirra and me being a wildly adorable 5'9 161 lb New England raised regular/front foot heavy cracker in the temperamental northern Atlantic...

Scored this used from SurfStation in Florida online and their customer service/pack and ship game is of the Highest order.
Glad I took a chance.
The board bangs.

Fins and board

6'6 x 20 1/4 x 2 1/2