Minimal Quiver: 4 Boards Max


Nep status
Apr 13, 2016
SoCal has really been reminding me how important the low end of my quiver is. I'd love to have more big boards on this list but they barely get surfed. This winter I almost exclusively rode the middle two - pulled out the step up a few times but mostly just because I wanted to surf it and didn't really "need" it.

5'6" Lost Bottom Feeder - don't love this as much as I used to and kind of want to try out other "ultra" grovelers or maybe just admit defeat and go the log route
5'8" Stamps Banjo - my main squeeze
5'10" Stamps GX - when I feel like getting my QS grind on
6'3" Pyzel Ghost - when I notice it has too much dust


Nep status
Oct 9, 2006
I think you need 5, because there are some days when even a Manta wont do. But Ill play by the rules and eliminate the step-up because you only need it for a few days in the winter. Here are the ones I cant live without for SD beachbreaks:
5'10 Bauguess Mini Sim
5'8" Von Sol Manta
5'10 Superbrand Fling
6'3" JS Monsta Box


Nep status
Apr 11, 2010
Sounds like my quiver minus 1:

5-7 Lost Couch Potato
5-7 Firewire Chumlee
7-0 Funshape (custom by a local guy)
8-0 Mini-longboard (custom by a local guy)


Gerry Lopez status
Sep 11, 2017
San Diego, CA
4 boards is some BS, man. Might as well be my wife's idea...
A practical 4 for me (I would be fine riding these 96% days in SD):
5'6 Hydrodynamica GMM2 (XTR) for knee-high +
5'8 Mitsven DH tk fish for thigh-high to OH
5'9 Tomo SP2 (XTR) for waist-high +
5'9 Mitsven winged quad fish for chest-high +
*Leaving out the R. Blackbird stepup since I've only pulled it out 3 days in last 18 months.

For Reforest, an All Tomo MPH 4:
5'6 Hydrodynamica GMM2 (XTR) grovel
5'5 Evo (XTR) all-around
5'9 SP2 (XTR) punchy-good
5'9" Omni (LFT EPS) barrels