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May 21, 2011
A Beach
I don't want to help derail the "Mental Health" thread by talking about judgements on people who live at home, but I'm going to do it anyway.

I have a colleague that has been teaching for about 10 years. He works at the high school he graduated from. He lives in his childhood home with his father and some random, CL room mates.
It feels super pathetic until I consider what his savings account must look like compared to mine. Then it's me that feels pathetic.
I'd say that's ok if you have an end game/savings goal that sets you up for something better that isn't 10+ years out.
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Mr Doof

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Jan 23, 2002
San Francisco, CA
How much did they charge you a month? $20?
Same as my rent in Corvallis before I graduated....$183.33 a month ($550 a month total split 3 ways with the housemates, trash included but not water or power).

If I'm being honest with myself, I was the board pulled out from under the porch:LOL::(:ROFLMAO:
You had spiders and mouse droppings on yourself? Or had a ding or broken part that still wasn't repaired? (I tease, I tease)

But the fact of the matter is BTO said it best.....any lovin' is good lovin' (they do say that that line in this song, right?)

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Apr 8, 2006
I feel like there's light at the end of the tunnel. It's a long dark tunnel, but I see some light, and I don't think it's an oncoming train. Promising news on the vaccine front coupled with Trump being put out to pasture gives me cause for long term optimism and a return to some sense of normalcy sometme next year. I am looking forward to going out for a few brews, having friends get together, getting on an airplane and taking a trip, etc. Doing those things will improve my mental health a lot.


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Feb 24, 2011
The divided brain was enlightening.

The Sam Hyde video seemed to be the exact opposite of what the divided brain is encouraging. Paranoia, incoherence, narrow minded focus.


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Jan 24, 2011
Vagina Point
Every environment has potential perils.

Humans are highly adaptable.

Probably in the top 5 of adaptable species.

Trump is gone and we got a vaccine.

I think the future looks bright. :dancing: :trout:

If you lost your small business, start a new one riding the wave of the next boom.
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Apr 14, 2015
Los Angeles~California!
ah, readin' 'bout things in Thee World, this story has caught my eye, f**kin' gnarly:
In Japan, more people died from suicide last month than from Covid in all of 2020. And women have been impacted most

Reminds me of a dvd movie i borrowed years ago from my sister Teresa, who worked ~ Fox Studies, her ol' man too,
so their dvd collection was quite extensive, this is 1 snippie from a f**kin' freaky movie,
'Suicide Club' here's a clip, if ya dare to watch:

Stay sane out there,
in your own lil' world, bro's + bro~ettes,
reach out, touch other pepz ya know, you know?
f**k Covid suicides!
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