Master shapers to buy a board while you can list...

Jun 17, 2015
I sure hope you get your Master Shaped board glassed by a "Master Glasser". I've seen some big name/HIGH dollar boards hanging up high on some shop walls in Haleiwa that had some less than perfect glass jobs.

Jack Reeves is on another level....
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Jan 27, 2020
I just made that up ;-)

Known Owl for a long time , easy to make him laugh :)

The guy who introduced me to Owl spends a lot of time with him, he said Owl reads a lot. Whenever I have spent time with Owl, I always want to talk surfing and he always wants to talk about WWII or planes and sing country music. He always tells me, more than anything else, that I need to put a lock on my fridge and wants to add a foot to my board order. He and JR were always super nice to me and wonderful gentlemen. Walking into JR's shack is a feeling very difficult to describe (in a good way).