Learning the basics?

Check the ikitesurf.com classified foil/foilboard section, lots of Bay Area postings for wingboards, foilsurf boards, and foils
I would also advise on getting a full carbon foil for safety, you want that thing to be as light and benign as possible when it meets your face or other body parts. The few hundred dollars difference is made up in less than one medical billo_O

I rode a 2 ft mast for a while when learning to kite foil in the SF Bay but once I figured it out it was too short and subject to breaching - the chops get big on the Bay. Even a few inches longer makes a difference, I am on the 28.5" armstrong mast now.

Crissy Field is wing central now, just head there on any moderately windy day and you can check it out.

I just found this for you - this comes with two wings and a shorter mast for learning on, so you won't outgrow it right away
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Jan 12, 2009
I started early on curve for all the foil sports. There was no used gear and new too expensive, so we improvised. First sup foil was a concerted 9.t sup! First surf foil a diy beast must have been 60L. First wing foil a converted 7.6 door sup. But in retrospect it was quite a bit easier to learn on such big boards. And it was cheap.

Now there's tons of used stuff. The advancement and hype mean constant upgrading, so last year's must have is this year's 50 percent off. The rad gear from 3 years ago is perfect for learning...slow and stable.

You can upgrade foil and board later. Just like you are scrambling now to find gear, the new you will be just as stoked to buy it from you a year from now. So don't sweat it about having to upgrade quick.

But HDip is right...this is a gear hungry sport. That cost is paid by changng your life....both in how you see waves and in opening your mind to wind play. It will blow your mind.

HD also right about the suck level of those first 10 sessions. Big big helpings of humble pie, extra whipped cream. But also intensely Satisfying....the first time you stand, get on foil, stay on foil, turn on foil, pump on foil, etc...a series of best days ever that will make the world feel like kingdom of Oz. Yes, I'm stoked, it's that good