Know More about Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

Mar 6, 2019
Spirit Airlines Reservation Cancellation Policy

The passengers are always advised to check the cancellation policy before booking a flight. They are so advised because they must know that in what conditions will they deserve a refund and many other reasons. So, if you are thinking of booking Spirit reservation and want to know about its cancellation policy terms and conditions then you have landed at the right place. The passengers can refer to the points below to find out their answers.

Learning Important Points on Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy
  1. 1. If a passenger is choosing to cancel his flight within 24 hours of purchasing a ticket then he is eligible for a full refund but only if the travel is not within 7 days. For reservations and query visit Spirit Airlines reservations online.
  • 2. Any passenger who happens to cancel his travel within 7 days of departure then he may not be allowed to do so according to policy terms.

  • 3. Also, if a passenger has crossed his 24 hours time limit then he can still cancel the flight but will be asked to pay for the cancellation fees.

  • 4. This cancellation fee depends on various factors like the type of booking, the number of tickets cancelled etc.

  • 5. If the passenger is eligible for his refund then it will be initiated into the source account within 3-4 business days.

  • 6. Also, to cancel a flight or check refund status, a passenger may click on manage my travel option which is made available on the official website of Spirit Airlines.
Hence, after referring to the above information we hope that you make wise decisions if any such situations come up. Also, you are free to get in touch with Spirit Airlines customer service to find any kind of assistance.