It only takes one aggressive longboarder or stand up paddler to……..


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Jan 21, 2014
West of the Atlantic. East of the ICW.
Who’s got stories?
Small long period mid winter ground swell. Temperature well below freezing and water in the mid 30s. My son and I are the only ones in the water with nobody else out as far as you could see in either direction. Only enough waves at this peak for the two of us. Lone sweeper shows up and paddles out and stands on his board literally hovering over us in at the peak. That alone was a total buzzkill. Then he proceeds to take sets and paddle right back outside of us for the next one. Mother fooker!!!! We were almost done anyway and we left. Guy could have swept his way anywhere. He sat on us.
Can't help but wonder if it was because of the Surfline camera pointed at that jetty.
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Aug 6, 2003
Jacksonville Beach
....get called a greedtard by someone and result in collective lineup action shutting down the bullshit?

This time of year it can be tough. Thankfully around here the sand seems to be in good shape and the little trade pulses seem to be keeping up. But sometimes there's just too many people and some (most?) of those too many people happen to be on longboards/SUPs.

There was a summer the log hipster thing caught fire here and it totally ruined the North Side of the Pier. The next summer the SUP thing hit and they were ruining the log hipsters.

Honestly the past few years everyone is now (potentially) the problem. There's less bro-ing it out among the shortboarders in terms of peak splittage and rotationage. More sections pointlessly paddled down. More attempts to drop in to shut the door. More failures in that attempt resulting in furious pumping vs instant shameful kickout.

I have a dent (not sure if arm or leg) in a lib tech because I swore the shortboarder deep/underneath would paddle to the foam and I was trying to buzz off some kook on a midlength/funlog who was for some reason carefully watching the person she fully intended to ruin. Nope. He paddled out/wide up the face, why I'll never know. It was like hitting a rock on a skateboard with street wheels. Board stopped, I went flying. Shortboarders are supposed to bro that one out and duck dive, not paddle right up the face.

June is dead and buried and July has one foot in the grave. It'll be October soon enough and we'll be counting down the days to sweet, blessed November.
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Aug 31, 2004
Somewhere between heaven and hell
Paddle past with my 9' tank about 20 yards behind a 2' peak of 5 or 6 rats with their CI or ...Lost thrusters or whatever the #!rk they ride. A couple of strokes I'm up, jump to the nose and fly past these @#cking rats then kick out. I paddle past them with my head up high and if they look at me I'm give them the stinkest @rkin eye and do it all over again until they paddle in.

I'm old, @#rk this young kids.


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Apr 19, 2017
There are few things worse than getting into the rhythm while enjoying a tranquil sunrise or sunset session, only to have a standup paddleboarder with an large gut ruin the view with his hunched-over, unathletic silhouette.


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Dec 31, 2008
Sometimes I go out of my way to be that guy that ruins a session -- I have some committed, lifelong resentments to service.


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Jun 16, 2010
East of Malibu
Who’s got stories?
I can remember times where there were like three or four people out, and one greedy, no-etiquette dickhead ruined the whole vibe. That idiot from Clout was a master at destroying other people's sessions, and I remember one day at Malibu when it was me and ONE other person, and this douche paddled around me and took every single rideable wave, which was maybe one every ten minutes. The entitlement of some of these people. :foreheadslap:

There are certain people, when I see them coming, I know the fun is over for the day. Doesn't matter what they ride, but SUPs and giant logs with grip tape or Go-Pro mounts are frequent offenders.