Is Alex Jones a hero to trumpers?


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Jan 12, 2009
Like I said, I'm a dipsh2t, or to be more fair to myself, not as informed as I'd like with the articles I've read, but that makes sense. I didn't read anything about his claims causing violence and death threats so I suppose that makes sense. It's the kind of news that's mostly unimportant to me but I ended up following it after it was the top story yesterday.
That's what erBB is for.

To give you the latest unimportant news, unfair and unbalanced.


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Jan 30, 2016
Urbana, Illinois
The vehicle population of the little island I live on breaks down into two basic categories:

A. 1% ers with stupid money.
B. Residents and visitors with incomes under $200K

Guess who drives around in EVs

Stop pretending you aren't part of the coastal elite. You most definitely are.
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