How much income inequality could Nancy Pelosi solve with $23,000,000?


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Jan 14, 2020
Nancy Pelosi is buying a $25,000,000 house
everyone knows Nancy is the best stock picker in the history of investing, what else would she do with those winnings?

Help the poor? :roflmao:

The owners don't care about you or anyone but themselves

Think Trumby cares about the average man :monkey:
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Nov 10, 2015
she prob got the $ for it from some SValley petty cash kitty...:rolleyes:

i might wanna live near Tiger Woods but not drive around him...


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Aug 5, 2002
Nancy Pelosi is buying a $25,000,000 house in the same neighborhood as the likes of Tiger Woods, Trump and the late Rush Limbaugh. Given all her talk about income inequality shouldn't she just buy a nice $2,000,000 house somewhere nice and give the remaining $23,000,000 to those less fortunate? Not to mention that she is buying in Florida of all places. Florida?????!!!!!! I get the weather is warm there but why not Imperial Beach, California? Florida?????? The land of rednecks and governor Desantis? Really???????

Can we get a retraction from the OG poster?

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Jan 11, 2002
The Bar
There you go with that bible college claim again.
Are you offended because it was actually a Koran Kollege?

Maybe she wanted to buy the house to fill it with feces from the streets of SF? It's not efficient but that's the deep state for you.


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Aug 6, 2003
Jacksonville Beach
Nancy Pelosi is buying a $25,000,000 house in the same neighborhood as the likes of Tiger Woods, Trump and the late Rush Limbaugh.
Blompf and Limbaugh live in Palm Beach. The next barrier island North is called Singer Island. The next one North of that is Jupiter Island, and that's where Tiger's house was before he lost a joust, astride an Escalade no less, to a mailbox and a scorned woman with one of his own golf clubs.

You can get the political news wrong all you want, but Jupiter Island is not the Pump House island and neither one of those is the Reef Road island.

Also any of you surf road trip doggies, the road is barely paved and the speed limit is 35, because they don't want "us" there. So unless you are banging Elin Nordegren and surfing out the front, you'll do better going back West over the bridge, hauling ass on US1, and then back East over the bridge to check the next spot.

Conversely if some chick says something about living there, take the condom off and unload balls deep, then enjoy your newfound generational wealth.