How much design detail and info does your shaper have on his website about the boards?


OTF status
Oct 30, 2019
Is CI really the only site that shows rocker and 12" measurements out there? I'm realizing that one shapers description of rocker is not at all consistent with others. Seems like this is pretty important to know more definitively before purchasing.


Gerry Lopez status
Dec 8, 2017
IMO too much info and too many models just makes the average surfer more indecisive. Not enough and it makes what could be an excellent shaper appear less than.

Plenty of 1 man shows that are tremendous shapers, maybe even glassers too, that are just not that great at computer websites, maybe can’t afford a good site and have the time to maintain it. Yet they are busy enough to just make insane boards.

Throw in the finance and sales it takes, all while away from the shaping room, and it is usually a really difficult to do.

IMO too many flavors of the month going on in the industry, with very few changes, but lots of $$ spent on sales and marketing. Which most of you fall for. Just go surf and stop worrying about all those fricken models, volumes, and logos!
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Tom Curren status
Aug 6, 2003
Jacksonville Beach
Biolos's site is useful enough for craigslist/used rack grabs.

What 20W said about custom guy. There's previous files and the boards are more exactly what you want with each iteration, I don't care about model descriptions/details on the website.


Miki Dora status
Apr 11, 2006
Del Boca Vista, Phase III
Come across plenty of surfboard websites that have very poor amount of info about their various board models.

Got a sneaking suspicion there's plenty of shapers out there that will never supply this level of detail because they are just winging it.
I also think a lot of it is that they'd rather talk to you in person, especially the older shapers. Younger surfers (millennials) probably care more about "complete" website info than older surfers, too, and are more likely to just buy a board without talking to anyone.
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