How do you size your mini-guns and guns?

Dec 3, 2022
Got it out in some 6 to 8 foot real surf. It gets in super early but needs to be tipped right on rail and almost just feels like it automatically sets your line. The original paddilac goes straight and is easy to turn if you need it to. The fins feel pretty weird; they lift and track off the tail. Going to set it up with old school Futures paddle quads when it goes out again. That should loosen it up a lot.
Interesting the balance between width and ability to turn a big board. Too narrow and you loose the curve in the plan shape which I feel helps with turning, but too wide and it becomes harder to sink the rail.


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Mar 31, 2005
And then I get a txt out of the blue that there’s a 9’7 blank with my name on it - should I be interested.
I really like the look of those.
Contemplating an Oz trip next spring.
One of those and a Banksy would be sweet.....


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Jul 25, 2017
@Sniper, where do you plan on using this Puerto Padi?

As an aside, I want @Pyzelsurfboards to make an OB Padi.

Basically, split the difference between a regular Padillac and a Puerto Paid.

I think that would be the ultimate OB gun.
I have been using it on an outer reef that breaks here during the summer to test it, but I plan on taking it on my trip to the NW in the fall. Hoping it in big OB style beach breaks in Oregon, Humboldt,and maybe even OB if I make it down that far. In the winter here I will probably use it in 8 to 10 foot beach break here on the Westside. I usually use an 8’0 Minami and a 9’0 Wellman, but they are a little wide in the nose so this should be perfect for knifing drops. I took it out again in some lined up 6 foot surf a few day ago and the thing felt like a short board in terms of maneuverability. More waves coming tomorrow so going to switch between the fins and test it a bit more.