Hovercraft 2021


Billy Hamilton status
Feb 28, 2006
I finally took the boar out for its maiden voyage. Surf was small chit with a very high low tide going higher. Surf was weak waist high-ish. If I didn’t have a new boar I wouldnt have paddled out and normally wouldn’t paddle out In these conditions.

GG claims it’s 3 1/4” thick. I think he wrote that because I asked for that thickness and decided on what he thought was best. Rails seem like the boar is 2 3/4” at most. It catches waves as good as any longboard I’ve ever ridden, instant top speed after two strokes. Gets into waves effortlessly and your flying down the line.

I used the inline 3 on the tree fin setup. This fin setup is a trip how much and quickly it pivots. A little too much pressure with the rear size 15 hoof and you are changing directions. The sharp rails and tail dig in like a snowboard.

Initial verdict:


Kelly Slater status
Oct 17, 2007
valley purgatory
Twinzer is so fun. Ride mine as a twinzer when it’s super tiny. A twin when its got a little push and trI fin in bigger waves(yes it works if you can paddle)

‘might be time for an upgrade this year
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