Haydenshapes' Psychedelic Germ 10+ years later


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Apr 6, 2014
S. Redondo
I had a 5'8" 11 or so years ago that I loved, rode it for over a year an a half as my primary board and stupidly sold it to fund a custom Rusty Barking Spider that ended up being a dud. I wondered if a replacement would bring back the stock, and after riding the replacement for the last three days, the bort keeps me smiling. It's a Future Flex, 5'9" x 19 3/8" x 2 3/8" 27.2L. I'm 6' and currently 167 lbs.

This one's rails feel more foiled than what I remember the original having. The first one was Future Flex as well, but made at Pure Glass in Costa Mesa. The new one was made in Oz., Mona Vale I think and is ridiculously light.

Not sure why these click with me so well. I had been alternating between my 5'9" CI NB2 and 5'11 Fever and the wide nose of the Germ was making me feel self-Hyptoconcious (I hated the 5'4 Hypto I had for a short while FWIW and I'm quick to judge people riding them), but I feel like I can get pretty much anywhere on the wave faster than I can on my other boards.

I got the best backside barrel of my life this morning on the Germ. The waves were only shoulder high+, but they were going square on a very defined sandbar with the majority spitting. A very good local surfer, Hudson Ritchie was screaming for me to go on the biggest wave I saw this morning and the thing just set up perfectly, let me get pretty deep with a pretty respectable spit on the exit.


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Feb 23, 2010
stocked for you Chase.

i have a germ i got a couple years ago. FF asian made. got it cheap. 6-2 and around 30L I think. i'm 6-3 x 180lbs.

i had a few good sessions in steep beachies and then had a few shockers in more lined up surf. felt like the nose really plowed water and wouldn't let me get over the ledge and i was getting left behind on waves that would run off. i pulled it out a few more times but could never quite figure out where it fit into my quiver or whether it was worth the poor wave catching. i think i expected it to be kind of a step down but it seemed like it wanted some pretty decent surf but then didn't offer much advantage over a "normal" thruster. i would say though, the few good sessions i had on it in peaky beachbreaks, I liked the way it surfed vertically in the pocket and above the lip and i could see why a person would be hyped on it if they had the waves and ability to make the most of it.
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Feb 22, 2005
Central California
Glad you're stocked Chase!

Never tried a germ. I do have an Untitled though (Australian made FF) and it's such a solid board. It does everything well in a large variety of conditions and I've had it for years now.

Been curious about the Raven lately.


RAVEN is more than just a high performance shortboard, it’s a modern shortboard that brings back the 90’s carve.

Best suited to 3ft+ conditions and designed to be put on rail; Dion wanted his signature model to ride effortlessly in everyday conditions, then seriously flare when the waves present themselves.

A curved rocker allows for everyone from the intermediate to experienced surfer to drive through their turns. A low-medium entry rockerline allows for ease of paddling with the ability to pick up speed instantly, whilst a medium tail rocker transitioning into a swallow tail produces tighter carves.
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Apr 6, 2014
S. Redondo
Aruka, I've only ridden mine in peaky beachbreak (home/South Bay and Nicaragua), so I have little no experience with it in lined up surf. I find my 5'9 to paddle as well as my NB2 and better than my Fever. I drive off my front foot and I'm always kind of shocked how the displacement hull in the entry doesn't give me any problems, nor does the wide nose catch during cutties.

jkb, a local ripper loves his Raven. He worked at a local shop up until recently and also had Haydenshapes' Cohort, but much preferred the Raven for our local conditions. I Awayco'd an Untitled and thought it was a solid board.

racer1, the sizing is pretty strange and I don't think is consistent with their output 10 years ago. My new one is an inch longer than my first. It says and feels like it's the stated 27.24L, but from my recollection, my 1st one had much fuller rails and was more like 28.5L.IMG_0319.jpgIMG_0321.jpg
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Sep 30, 2013
The germ has a sidecut in it yeah? Not to derail the thread but always interested in how it goes and compares to the merlot which looks a cool shape


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Oct 17, 2010
Had a 6' Germ prob about a decade ago. Agree it def prefers punchy stuff. Thing didn't make sense to me when I first picked it up. Went by the shop to pick up a Game Changer and walked out with it instead. Put a nice rail shatter in it on my first surf attempting an air beyond my abilities haha. Did my best to blow my ankles out with that board several times. Overall was a fav and if I ever come across a used one I'd likely grab it.
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May 14, 2005
Raven looks good to my eye.

thats a real trend in Aussie board design at the moment, led by the hipster/shredders.

Longer 90's style boards with more modern foils and bottom contours.
Saw Creed Mctaggart and Noa Deane riding some longer boars on IG, Those Dalhberg's w glass-ons looked sexy.
I think the style benefits a trad shortboard esp in Australian waves w some push. I assume they have a more sensible rocker and concaves now? idk what kind of concaves they were rocking on the glass slipper era