Greg Griffin RIP


Michael Peterson status
Jul 29, 2015
Oh man, that’s hard hitting. I remember him talking about the motorcycle recently. So much fun but can be so dangerous.

Truly sorry to hear this. I never had a problem with anything he posted here and tried to give positive replies wherever I could.

Best to his family and friends during this difficult time.

His shaping room was a like a dream. I wonder if there’s anyone to carry on his legacy.


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Jan 22, 2005
I just read this and can't believe it. Heavy.

Sorry for family and friends.

I'm lucky enough to have met him in person. So easy to talk to, so friendly. Lent me a board to test while I was visiting my family on Oahu. No swell when I was there, waited for a half hour for a wave, and when one finally came to me, I got snaked by a Japanese tourist wearing a trucker hat in the water. Bummed I didn't get a decent wave to try out his 5 fin design.

Also lucky enough to have him send me one of his board files to make myself one of his shapes. Didn't have the rails in the file, but I know that he liked thin, round rails, like I do, with the hard bottom
edge, of course. Brought it to my friend to cut, and he looks at the file and says, "you might as well just shape it by hand." At least it had the rocker and outline. I asked Greg for some lams, and he said, "draw one."

I've posted it before, but here's the boar again:

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Tom Curren status
Apr 16, 2014
Honolulu, Hawaii
Holy sh!t. Tragic. RIP Uncle Gregg, mahalo for teaching me so much about fins - especially twins.

I honestly loved how he chimed in on lots of posts hyping his own designs up. I rode a few of his boards that he let me borrow and they all went great. Stocked to have shared time with him in person and on this forum. A hui hou.


Legend (inyourownmind)
Jan 4, 2010
So very sad and stunning...

Greg, I always appreciated your posts and beautiful designs, you were a masterful craftsman and a wealth of history, information, and inspiration. I fondly remember chatting with you when I ordered the custom 5 finner a long time ago now and only wish I had ordered more. May you rest in peace enjoying perfect surf and flowing trails amongst palm trees waving knowing that you will be missed, remembered, respected and you were appreciated. The ERBB won't be the same without you but we know you will be the friendly ghost haunting these chapters.
Aloha Greg!