Greedy Beaver

Mar 27, 2019
Solid makes a similar shape called an EZ Street. I ordered one a while ago and am still waiting for it. It has a single fin box, along with a set of quad boxes.


Billy Hamilton status
Feb 22, 2014
My mate's got one. He thinks it's one of the worst boards he's ever owned, and only surfs it because he wants to snap it. Said it was awful as a thruster, and only slightly better as a quad.


Miki Dora status
Jan 20, 2006
Sunny Coast Qld Australia
Great advice @Jamby - thanks. :)

@Retropete That Dynamo looks really good. I like how the nose area is more pulled in and a blunt nose. The outline looks a little more parallel too - probably better for turning.

Still on the fence about getting one. Its really more for the kids and wife, but I'd be keen on giving it a go.
Took the dynamo for its maiden spin at Noosa's outermost point last weekend. Good overhead waves on the sets with only a dozen of us out. Ran it with a pair of Webber flex twins and a MR sized trailer. I generally run twins/twin trailer in boards with thruster plugs because when I use a "normal" thruster set the torque from the rear fin creates so much lower back pain I have learnt to avoid doing it. The caveat is the wider the tail the less torque so there is room to move there.
Anyway, on the longish walk around past the other points I was quietly fretting that the nose rocker would have the wide nose pushing water and it would suck to paddle which is important as its a long paddle back out each time after a good wave.
Paddling out the nose reminded me of an evo's but didn't push water at all. Paddling into waves was easy and board would get up on a plane early.
Felt like I was riding a big skim board. At one stage a guy paddled up and said, "great looking board" and then asked, "Is it an Alaia?" Sitting on it the nose sticking out of the water is pretty thin so I flipped it over to show him the fins which tripped him out. Clicked with the board first session but in uncrowded, overhead Noosa point waves mean if it doesn't feel good there it probably won't feel good anywhere.
Caught the forward rail a couple of times in cutbacks which I attributed to the twins in thruster placement and not getting my back foot right back. So headed home and checked my local beachbreak on the way. Pulsing and offshore so paddled out again but this time with the Soar quad fronts (which have 8 degrees of cant) and a larger trailer. Only got a few waves before the wind came up and the tide change made it funky. The Soar/trailer combo felt really good so leaving them in there so I can tweak the trailer fin choices when more waves come.
The board looks wrong in photos but is so fun to ride. 20200921_093639.jpg20200921_093716.jpg20200921_093748.jpg