GoFundMe for Ethan Prestage, Todd Prestage's son.

Bob Dobbalina

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Feb 23, 2016
GoFundMe link for Ethan Prezzo

Ethan and a crew of kids 8 kids were in a horrific car accident in Carlsbad the other night. One child, Jack Munday, died on the scene. Ethan is still in the ICU and a really difficult condition. If you want more info, feel free to google it, but I'm not posting it here. What is posted is a link to a fundraiser to support Ethan and his family. His father is former CT surfer and standout of the late 90's & early 2000's, Todd Prestage. Thoughts and prayers are great, so is a monetary donation for foreseen and unforeseen expenses. Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 11.54.36 AM.png