FS: 5'8" Xanadu Twin Fin ($500)


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Jul 18, 2005
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Up for grabs is a twin-fin by Xanadu, the Wing Twin model. Dims are 5 8" x 20.13 x 2.44 - 31 L. This is the same model (and color) Tyler Warren rode in the "Twinning" profile on Surfline a few years ago: https://www.surfline.com/surf-news/watch-twinning-full-edit/32156

I purchased it new at Hansens in summer of 2018. It has been ridden only intermittently since then (I have a lot of other boards).

The board has a vee bottom flowing into double concave vee out the back. The deck rocker is pretty flat with a unique beak nose, but the bottom has a little curve in it. The rails are not beefy at all.

See Xanadu site for description and videos: https://xanadusurfdesigns.com/wing-twin/

Overall, the board is in excellent condition. There are no dings whatsoever. Typical pressures on the deck and up towards the nose (visible in photos). There is a very small spider shatter near the left fluted wing (see photo), as well as what appear to be glassing blems on the futures plugs (see photos).

I am in no rush to sell. Price is $500, without fins. Board is located in Calabasas or Brentwood (West LA).


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