Footage of coffin on a JS


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Aug 9, 2006
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He's definitely more consistent and maybe some of that could be attributed to Pyzel's designs, but there is also the added incentive/pressure of providing for his and Alana's new baby especially after her getting canned by Rip Curl.
I saw him a few days ago surfing by my house with RVCA stickers all over his board.


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Apr 6, 2014
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I saw him a few days ago surfing by my house with RVCA stickers all over his board.
Interesting; that seems a pretty good fit. I'm not sure RVCA is paying (or anyone right now) what Billabong was paying him before, bit with his and Alana's social media reach, I'm sure they're doing well.


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Apr 16, 2014
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Looks like Jacks brother is a RVCA guy (NS lifeguard / BJJ) so maybe he was just borrowing a board?

Cause I heard Bong pays him A LOT.


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Apr 13, 2008
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Also, Heath Walker was named president of JS USA last year and i think he's trying to ramp things up here in California.
He needs a better ramp. I sent an inquiry to him but never heard back. Also, the contact number for JS USA wasn't even working.

There is a new JS factory in Oceanside (i think its new?).
Are you referring to MadLuc?

I don't think JS is doing any production in the US aside for a few HyFis. His shipping lady told me board production was staying in OZ for now.


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Feb 23, 2010
US parko? Parko won a world title and was consistently one of the top surfers in the world (on tour or not). Does anybody think Conner is on the same level?
No. At least I don't. Joel didn't win a title until he was like 30 I think but he won many events and consistently placed in the top 5 throughout his career. He also didn't have Italo, Medina, Filipe, JJF and Jordy to contend with. Hard to imagine Conner breaking the top 5 let alone winning a title with the current field.

Also, just to be clear, I do like Conner's surfing. He obviously shreds and has great style but I don't think he has the stature to be the US Parko and I don't think he has the above the lip game to contend with the current top guys.

The nearest comparison to Parko of surfers currently on tour would have to be Jordy. I think Jordy actually surpasses him in many ways although Parko probably has a better backhand tube game.


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Dec 8, 2017
My questions and observations are:

I'm pretty sure Conner rode for Reef at one point. Nutty ran Reef USA for a long time.
Conner isn't hurting for cash, the family is wealthy, but he's going to want to make his own money and his agent needs to justify his position. I'm sure JS' expansion in the US market is the motivating factor for their side of the table. I'm curious to know if JS offered equity in the brand stateside. That's something that CI is not going to offer at this stage in the game.

Connor could benefit from some major shifts in his surfing. He's got great fundamentals, but he can come off a bit, well, fundamental (read: boring)...

Nobody on the CI team is trying to get boards from Al Merrick. Most of the team has their go to shapers. Mike Walter is one of the team builders that several of the CI team go to. I forget the dude's name in SoCal that is pretty popular too. It's not like CI has their team boards going through the same assembly line as their retail orders. They know who is shaping their board and they are world class shapers that are often far more skilled than the names on the label at that moment in time.
I don't disagree, but the point I was trying to make was that while many of the ghost shapers for JS and CI are top shapers in their own right, none of them are neither JS or AM, and that's what matters. So JS is his new shaper now, some would say top of the line too.
I have so many friends that have been team CI. They always freaked out when AM shaped their board, probably gave them a bit of physcological mental edge, as compared to one of the other ghost shapers shapes.
It's just a contract after all, probably doesn't last more than a couple years. So maybe it is a bit about $$ too?
I'm a bit skeptical about some sort of equity in a board building company, though, that's just stupidness!
With CI in his backyard, he'll be back guaranteed, especially after he's off the CT!


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Apr 21, 2018
US parko? Parko won a world title and was consistently one of the top surfers in the world (on tour or not). Does anybody think Conner is on the same level?
No, wouldn't say he's on the same level - I was more referring to the general summary of their surfing - the word "stylish" gets used a lot when describing them.
Jun 26, 2012
What I saw, too.
It's a good time for a surfer to work on boards, so maybe they'll come up with some magic. It's a gamble, though, cause that big carve is his bread and butter.

(Re JS, I always thought his boards looked good, and have often been tempted, but I just can't make my BlakBox3 go. The board's a dog - for me. I had a KingPin years ago, and it was a super good board with tons of drive, but the BB3 seems to have none.)
another Blak box3 sh!t on. Can anyone work out why they are such a dog? I was so disappointed with mine. On paper it should be so much better.