Foil Kite Surfing or Kite Sail Surfing?


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Apr 23, 2005
Malibu, CA

It's called Wing Foiling. It's fun. Here's what the good kids are doing with it.

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Mar 11, 2006
Tuna Town/Baja
It's called Wing Foiling. It's fun. Here's what the good kids are doing with it.

Matt pritchard/world champions son and Kevin Pritchard/world champions nephew. Runs in the family and his little brothers will be following


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Feb 18, 2007
Planet Earth
i was down in mexico a few years ago when the pro foil tour was there for a race series. so epic. i got into kite foiling when we were in MN and it's really fun but really hard (tack/jibe/direction changes)
Ima always be sad I never tried kiting. I went through a big windsurfing phase as a youth.
I always thought wave kiting was rad and then one day I saw a formula race vid and I said that looks rad too.
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Jan 12, 2009
Kite surfing is rad for short boarders! You have nearly unlimited power and a balance bar, to do those rad moves you could never pull off otherwise. Plus the "paddle back out" is actually fun too, on a good day it's a mind-blowing frenzy of non-stop surfing action.

Wing foiling is also rad, though different. Just like surfing and surf foiling, you give up something for what you gain. After 3 years of wing frothing, I am thinking I may put the kite back up -- I miss the surface slashing and the jumps. That's a bonus of kiting, the easiest jumping sport I've ever done, effortless airs with minimized impact risk (compared to skateboarding, snowboarding, bikes, etc). Of course, the negatives is you are attached to something that, worst case scenario, can kill you. Always with the tradeoffs! ;-)