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Jan 22, 2005
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Jan 12, 2020
First, hello all, ( though some of y’all know me from the lineup and web). Yeah, from the early posts you can see that it’s likely Hawaiian. Registered privately by that company In Scottsdale. But that’s where the GoDaddy founder is so it’s just a reg company.

There are a few of these trying right now. Still early days. They should reach out to some of us regular posters and get us some gear hookups to come provide content. Otherwise it’ll take a minute to catch up to the zone or the breeze or sways.

I’m not even kidding. We organically use these board to learn and connect (which is cool to have of course ). The owners serve thousand dollars in ads a month. YouTube is the only platform that pays for views? I would really want some incentive to help launch a new platform. Think about it, you get gear hookups or discounts for thread views, why not, right?

Maybe talking to the best in the sport will be enough? I came here for like 5-6 of you guys. The zone has a couple dozen. Seabreeze maybe less than that. Right now with a little incentive you could lock up the market with a co-op. But maybe access to the Maui guys is the hook over there? If Kaser jumps ship we know he got sponsored. ;)

This works fine for now, but things will likely change as things heat up. I kinda hope it stays small actually. It’s a fun size right now. But I guess we have to live thought the early teens again like SUP (kiting, everything I guess) where we get 50 brands and then half go away.

I gotta go work on my CBD Foil Wax company right now. I swear, it makes them faster. Y’all should buy some. Hahahahahahaha