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Jul 28, 2005
33.8N - 118.4W

I just watched that. They seemed like a bunch of....surfers. When I worked for the boatbuilder, he complained about "surfer labor" (he was a surfer- Dennis Choate). But we surfers (there were only a few of us) also had an unwritten "6 foot clause ." If the surf got 6 foot and we couldn't make it to work that day, it was met with a wink and a nod. The first time I found out about this clause was when I surfed before work and it was so good that "just one last wave" became 3,4,5,6...When I got to work over an hour late the boss walked right up to me at the entrance to the shop. I thought I was toast. Instead he asked, "How were the waves?" And I answered hesitantl, "Great?" He just smiled and walked away.

I kept wondering how much FCD was subsidized by Patagonia? I doubt it could have survived without some help. His boards are nice now and FC has the big wave bonafides.
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Feb 7, 2009
Almost had my alpha omega done with fcd xps and glassed at shop but the blank machine was down and did not want to wait.


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Jun 3, 2004
Back in the day I migrated from my Parmenter Vectors to a Point Blanks Mako with RedX fins
Great board but they yellowed back then like all early epoxies
Their foam is still top notch and they were one the first to iron out glassing XPS
Always wanted a bonzered an 8'6" Munoz or 7'6" Huevo back then


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Aug 15, 2011

That was really cool. A lot of stuff I didn't know about the early days there and didn't focus at all on any of the obvious flashy stuff that wasn't as connected to the actual development of the company (only a few shots of the well-known riders and most of them not ID'd on screen). I find it hilarious that Fletch says being a part of Patagonia felt too corporate... the company that will pay your bail if you get arrested at a peaceful protest or let you go surfing if the waves are good.

Still have my 15 year old FCD fish with lokbox fins and, uh unique yellow and gray resin swirl (I don't buy as many boards as everyone else here and it was my first truly magic board). The deck has a big delam on it that needs fixing (this is the 2nd big one). To be fair though, it apparently hung in a bar as decoration for several years before I bought it from FCD (they gave me a good discount) so it's even older than that and I live in the hot ass west valley. I remember calling to order a fish from them and the guy told me that the board I wanted just walked in the door (although he didn't tell me what it looked like, but it's okay, I've grown to like it). My bosses were out at the time so I drove up to Ventura from LA on my lunch break to buy it. Obviously I got stuck in traffic on the way back, got back 2 hours later than I said I would but somehow nobody noticed. I'll never get rid of it.
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Dec 1, 2008
I recall early days with Jason, Fletch & Todd, and trying out different things. Had a board with a carbon fiber stringer that I freaking loved - it weighed 4 pounds, like J said. It was nuts. I had to beg them to make it, then I had to beg them to let me ride it. So many boards in the day. Had a Lopez sprayed bonzer that was way too voluminous for me but man was it beautiful and a bunch of other great boards in the mix. I recall Ben coming into the fray and thinking how odd it was - and now what an asset he was/is. Sam and Rob just made it even more fun to watch.

Again, that was fun. Lots of cool memories.