Drew Brophy - in ICU w/ COVID fighting for his life

Jan 8, 2022
For future reference.

Drew Brophy Healing Fund

My name is James Brophy, my brother is Drew Brophy, husband, father, son, brother, artist, and friend to many around the globe Drew is facing the biggest challenge of his life; fighting the global pandemic virus COVID-19. Drew needs your help to be healed and return to good health so he can once again share his creativity, knowledge, and inspiration with the world. << About Drew >>

In early November Drew began to feel sick. For 10 days he stayed home in and out of bed trying to recover. After increasingly difficult days he realized he was getting worse, and medical attention was needed. Drew was admitted to the hospital with COVID. Soon after he was moved to the ICU. After 13 days of fighting to get his body well, his lungs were not strong enough to help him recover. Drew decided with his doctors that a ventilator would be the next step to fully recover. Drew understood a ventilator was needed to help him rest and let his body heal.

Drew supported the decision to be on a ventilator and he has 100% confidence in his Doctors and Nurses. He has complete trust in their knowledge, experience, and abilities to help him heal and return to good health. He fully understood all the other treatment options available and made a decision he felt was best for his situation. Expectations are he will stay on the ventilator in the ICU as his lungs heal. Once he is breathing on his own he will remain hospitalized for rehabilitation to regain strength and mobility. He will then be healthy and ready to return home to breathe the fresh sea air from his home in San Clemente.


Drew is grateful for the expert care he is receiving and has no doubt he will recover fully. He asks that only positive thoughts of good health and healing be sent out into the universe to strengthen his resolve to be healed and return to good health. He needs your help to stay strong and continue the fight. Your positive intentions are very powerful and will be received. In your mind see Drew dropping in and charging on the biggest wave of the day or cheerfully teaching his Posca Pen techniques to aspiring artists or speaking to a group on his passion Quantum Art & sacred geometry. Close your eyes, see him, feel his joy and then say “Drew is healed and in good health”. Do this as often as you can every day. This positive intention multiplied by thousands will supercharge Drews's healing!

This lengthy hospitalization was certainly not expected and is taking a toll on Drew's family and art business. His wife Maria, sister Andrea, and his extended family have rallied together to continuously focus thoughts of love, healing, and health for Drew. Many are praying for healing and his good health. His friends and colleagues have pulled together to help cover his art events and keep his gallery open. Through his art and global travels Drew has met thousands of people and he needs all of our help by thinking and speaking words of his good health and healing daily. Drew accepts everyone's positive intentions with deep gratitude and recognizes his life is filled with unlimited abundance.

Drew has been in the ICU for nearly a month and has a long road to recovery. He also needs your financial assistance. If you are able, please make a contribution to the Drew Brophy Healing Fund. The money collected will help pay the medical bills, likely to be six figures, that will follow his extended hospital stay and treatment. Any amount is appreciated and will help a healthy Drew Brophy. You can also visit Drew's gallery or website where you will find a variety of items for sale. << Drew Brophy Art >>

From an early age, Drew has always been a survivor and all of us believe he is going to beat this. Speaking for the entire Brophy Family, we are so thankful for the prayers and positive intentions for Drew. Please think of him daily and see him healed and in good health.

Thank you for your help!


Updates (3)

December 28, 2021by JAMES BROPHY, Organizer
Drew UPDATE: Hello everyone! This is Maria, Drew's wife with a new update. Great news - he's getting better :)

Drew was on a vent for 4 weeks and now a trach is delivering oxygen, which is less invasive, and he is being weaned off of heavy sedation.

About six days ago Drew turned a corner towards recovery and his doctor called him "a Christmas Miracle."

Drew is gaining strength back and recovery is happening.

His oxygen needs decrease each day. His mind is clear and he is starting to look like himself again.

Yesterday Drew asked "what day is it?" I told him Dec 27th and he realized he had been OUT since Thanksgiving. He was surprised and I was afraid the news would send him backwards. But he handled it like the warrior that he is!

Drew cannot talk yet but he can write and mouth words. He wrote about a profound experience he had on "the other side," insight into how EVERYTHING in the Universe works. A lot of great new art will come out of this!

We have a ways to go, but Drew is getting better. He is fortunate that his body was so strong and healthy before all this. Besides lung inflammation, the rest of his body is in great shape. Yesterday's CT showed NO permanent damage to his lungs!

We got approval for an experimental drug called Aviptadil. It's very promising to quicken his healing. It was a lengthy process to get it approved; hours of research, paperwork and phone calls. Finally, it's been ordered and when they give it to him, his healing will be even faster.

There are many earth angels helping Drew get better - friends that work at his hospital that look out for him daily and family that send him happy videos to keep his spirits up. And so many friends who have been fundraising, leading prayer circles and taking care of us.

We appreciate all of you angels out there - your caring is why Drew is recovering.

Please keep sending your good vibes! The prayers, energy work and love is working. Thank you to all who have been thinking of him. We can't wait to get him home.

Love, Maria xoxo

PS: The photo is of Drew in 2017 at the Aswan Quarry in Egypt, one of his favorite places on earth.
you need many vaccines to go to Egypt
Jan 8, 2022
can we boil this down a bit....?

Drew and his wife are crystal and herbs anti-vax kooks

Drew gets the covid, put in an induced coma and on a ventillator....practically a death sentence

Drew recovers by way of a new, experimental treatment, presumably created and provided by science and not crystals and holistic herbalist shamans

is this basically the gist of it?


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Dec 31, 2008
So yesterday a guy around here died from Covid. He had some comorbidities and was in the high risk category. Here's we are at like 50% vax rate, so we have huge numbers.

While I'm not super worried about serious consequences from getting it, I do worry about unwittingly giving it to someone who is much more vulnerable than I. So I thought it was my responsibility to get vaxxed and mask up to protect the immuno-compromised. And I mean jeez, I've snorted questionable Mexican blow off a Rosarito stripper's ass crack after surfing Baja Malibu in the rain and eating lukewarm goat tacos off the side of Mex 1. I'm not really in a position to go with the "I'm not putting this untested vaccine in my body bc I don't know what's in it" argument.


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Apr 1, 2005
The only thing that trips me out about anti-vaxxers is them wanting their kids to be in school. So Confusing.
Anti-vaxxers believe they don't need the vaccine. Why would they be opposed to sending the little brats off to school?


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Jun 25, 2008
Part of the reason people are so nutty today is because when people said things like "Close your eyes, see him, feel his joy and then say 'Drew is healed and in good health'. Do this as often as you can every day. This positive intention multiplied by thousands will supercharge Drews's healing!" rational people didn't say, "No. You are fucking retard. Magic doesn't work on infectious viruses. Stop being stupid."

But no, we have to not judge the crazy beliefs of others.