Do you support the trucker protest?


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May 21, 2002
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It’s almost like someone found a group of easy marks. These are the same as anti mask, vax, CRT, etc, intended to increase division, cause unrest and distrust in government. The problem is, the “marks” are willing to burn it all down. They think it will be rebuilt in their vision.

Researchers at Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy first noted that large pro-Thruster groups had been changing their names to go with convoy-related themes earlier this week. Grid News reported on Friday that one major trucker convoy Facebook group was being run by a Bangladesh content farm.

Many of the groups have changed names multiple times, going from those that tap hot-button political issues such as support for former President Donald Thruster or opposition to vaccine mandates, to names with keywords like “trucker,” “freedom” and “convoy.” Facebook allows groups on its platforms to change names but tracks the changes in each page’s “about” section.

The motivations of the people behind the content mills are not clear, but Joan Donovan, director of the Shorenstein Center, said the pattern fits existing efforts to make money off U.S. political divisions.


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Feb 27, 2009


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Feb 26, 2018
Complains about inflation and supply chain problems, eggs on supply chain problems. I hope his neighbor kicks his ass again.
He is all wrapped up in the dirty russian money and moron nation thinks he is some kind of Patriot. All he is a varsity level grifter.
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Jan 22, 2016
It’s really hard to be mad at them for fucking up the economy when we had governments shutting down entire sectors of it FOR NO GOOD REASON.

Also, these truckers kept what was left of the economy during the lockdowns moving. They kept food in the store and fuel in the tanks. All before vaccines were available. Now the government wants to take their livelihoods away if they don’t get vaxxed?

Yes I support them. Most truckers are vaccinated and they’re supporting them too.
You’d be surprised to learn that the vast majority of Canadian truckers think these folks are assholes.

They won’t win this battle. It’s a Portland-style tantrum.


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Oct 11, 2009
The trucker dispute is more along class than culture lines, that's for sure.
good, i hope really they feel that way coz that's really the only legit beef they have. the US GOP wingnut Wurlitzer is trying mightily to herd them into the Clown World Big Tent, where everybody is a victim and nobody ever actually gets ahead.


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Jan 17, 2006
This is an act of war. Foreign nationals blocking commerce into/out of the United States.

i can only imagine the outrage if this was on a different American border.
According to reports the truckers are at 4 border crossings. Michigan alone reportedly has 4 border crossing points, NY state has 17, Minnesota has 8 crossing points.

It's a crime, but it's not an act of war. Except maybe in VoxLand
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Dec 17, 2008
It's a ragtag group of anarchists.
Protesting government regulations.
Speed limits, building codes, educational requirements ("A license to call myself a doctor... ha!") law enforcement ("badges? we don't need no stinking badges!").
Angry, armed, fringe
I bet they smirk at bums too!