Custom Order Deposits: Refund Seeking


Nep status
Sep 23, 2009
Shred City
Anybody order recently from Akila Aipa?

I had a really great experience chatting with him a few times when ordering his contemporary fish in the middle of last year. Than things got crazy, family issues, increase on orders, and communication died out along the way.

Took a while to finally get my board, but it was totally worth it. Possibly my all time favorite as it just clicked so well for me. Would be great to try more customs from him after seeing how well this board worked for me but wondering if things ever smoothed out for him lately.


OTF status
Oct 14, 2009
you guys need new shapers. I emailed my shaper when I got out of the water this morning with some more feedback and he responded in 5 minutes. His name rhymes with Stamps.
I‘m still waiting on a board and ordered end of May. Got the run around and said screw it and placed an with stamps for a spark box. Which one of you bastards got the 5”11 he posted on Insta?
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Phil Edwards status
Oct 17, 2007
valley purgatory
I would call. emails easily get lost and are sometimes handled by someone other than the shaper.
This just happened to me with Roberts the other day. Used his online email form, didn't hear back for a couple days so I called the factory.
Robert answered and after 10 minutes of talk i had a pic of my order form for confirmation and he had my deposit.
Super nice guy and really easy to talk with btw. He told me the guy who handles his online side has been really busy and might have missed my email. I've had a handful of his boards in the past but this is my first custom from him.
Rad dude, great boards and a complete frother
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Kelly Slater status
Apr 11, 2006
Del Boca Vista, Phase III

With Stretch I worked with Tommy (1st board) then Dylan (all subsequent boards) on dims but could have had access to Stretch, I went to the factory to order. Those guys all know where I surfed and my style (Tommy I would see in the water often) so they were great helps in getting me dialed in. I would trade vodka (for Stretch) and wine (for Sandy) for color work. Really nice people to deal with, always killer boards.

Other good experiences:

Doug Haut
Steve Brom
Michel Junod
Ward Coffey
Carl Ekstrom

The only bad experience I had was with Mandala back in 2005 or so when he was shaping in Santa Cruz at Almar Glassing, or whatever that spot is that Michel has. He had become super popular and his boards were really beautiful. I learned after multiple check-ins ("not done yet, another few weeks") that "rush money" kept pushing my board back. So I asked for a refund. He said you'll have in two weeks. He delivered in two weeks after that convo, but it never sat right with me and I sold it.