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Oct 11, 2009
A Dem's wet dream, from start to finish. the only thing that DJT has proven since 2016 is that he cannot win elections - 2018 House, 2020 House, 2020 Senate, 2020 Presidency. and for this, the GOP will allow him to proclaim himself their king. :cheers:
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Jan 10, 2002
Vancouver Island
Watched Trump's speech today at CPAC.

Aside from a few updated lies it was the same speech he's used since 2016, with all the same dog whistles, the pauses so he could be adored, the preening, the teasing, the fishing for compliments, the naming of enemy (RINO) names, the bragging of his huge unimaginable success in developing vaccines in such a short period of time, as if the people who actually did that wouldn't have been able to without him, ad nauseum and etc. etc. etc..

No mention of January 6th. that I recall.

I actually started to take notes so I could roughly keep track of the number of times he'd repeat his standard pattern of blatant lies and over exaggerations, but I gave up fairly quickly as they were overwhelming my ability to record them via longhand, despite being an old trained military radio operator who used to be able to take notes pretty quickly.

Amusing to watch though.

Hang in there America, this too shall pass.

Take care.


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Feb 26, 2018
Well this sh!t show proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the "Both Sides!" is complete nonsense.


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Feb 27, 2009
My brother lives in FL, says Desantis is a complete and total shitbag dickhead who makes every other governor look like a goddam saint.
My mother is in Sarasota and she fucking hates him. Glad she’s registered to vote there.

The problem is that the bigger the shitbag the more republicans love them
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