Chest Pains


Nep status
Apr 23, 2001
NSW, Australia
I've been experienceing pains in my chest for the last 4-5 months. It seems to be coming mostly from the right hand side, under my pec muscle. Its hard to tell if its coming from inside the rib cage or if it may be coming from under the pec but on the otside of thr ribcage. It doesn't bother me when I surf, except when i turn my head to the right some times, and then I will get a sharp, stabbing pain for a second (same spot on my chest) Some times when I'm just sittin at home it will feel like there is something buring in my chest for a second, but then it goes away. It is really annoying and seems to have started ever since I returned from Costa Rica. Any clues?


Michael Peterson status
Dec 19, 2002
ex-pat Huntington Beach
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Costa Rican Gambo Fever? No.<BR>My guess is an irritation of the chest wall cartilage. Massage, gentle stretching, and heat should help. However, it seems to have lasted an awfully long time! Get it checked out. Make sure you don't have some other problem in your bod.