Cheap Aliexpress Foil Review

Aug 28, 2020
Thats helpful, thanks for posting. The amazon link is unavailable, but pretty sure this is same one on Ali:

I am not averse to the cheap china gear, but the quality is so variable, that my rule is "never without a first hand review". I have a few friends that are foil-curious, intrigued but not yet willing to take the plunge....cost is a factor. I started on the SS stuff, and while it's decent enough, I am a little reluctant to push people that way now. This seems a possible middle ground option...costs the same (or cheaper) as used SS gear, but possibly a little higher quality.
Yes, that looks to be the same. I paid $378 with free shipping and $100 off for getting an Amazon VISA card. I sold my Slingshot foil on a kite surf classified site (when one of my friends expressed interest I kind of talked him out of it). It sold right away at 1/2 retail price so the guy got a deal compared to buying new. I agree that it's a risk buying this stuff with limited specs and no firsthand knowledge. Despite the lack of quality and the amount of work I had to do to get it together it's a decent beater foil to leave on my boat (under the cover).
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