Can we talk about Santos?


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Feb 27, 2009
In his honor, I tried to drink a pint of whiskey. ;)
I actually tried to drink with him once and failed.

Good friend of mine is a career bartender in NYC. Shane used to come into her bar to drink and took a liking to her. For years he’d call her whenever he was in town and go drink wherever she was working. I told her I wanted to meet him and asked her to tip me off next time he was coming in. Some time goes by and I’m back in NY and she texts me and tells me Shane’s on his way. So I head over and when I get there it’s like 2pm and he’s one of three people at the bar. I take a seat a stool away from him and order a drink. Then the smell hit me. If you wanna know what a zombie smells like, Shane was your guy. He was drinking well gin neat out of pint glasses. I managed to smile and wave. I didn’t even want to shake his hand.