Can we talk about abstinence

Mr Doof

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Jan 23, 2002
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I don't believe Bristol ever really abstained.
Hey, she had a 3rd child. Guess being married at the time made it a non-story.


On June 25, 2015, Palin announced she was pregnant with her second child, and that the father was Meyer.[89] In the announcement she stated the news would come as "a huge disappointment" to her friends and family but said she did not want any sympathy or lectures.[90] Three days later she said that the pregnancy was "not the ideal situation" but was "planned." She said she would not consider abortion and her pregnancy was not in conflict with her work for the Candie's Foundation.[91] She gave birth to a daughter in December 2015.[92] In June 2016, Palin and Meyer married.[93] In December 2016, Palin announced that she was expecting her third child, the second with Meyer.[94] In 2017, she gave birth to a daughter.[95][96]