CA orders mask mandate


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Apr 26, 2013
ok but how come people are getting it multiple times?
For the same reason people are getting it even after vaccinated.

There's two components to the vaccine...immune and antibody response. Antibodies are protection against the viral infection. Rarely are these perfect because as you've recently learned....virus' mutate. Once they mutate they have a different "look" to your bodies antibody response making it perform this function late or not at all. Getting a booster can boost your bodies antibody response but it doesn't make it work better against other strains. Currently the government is using antibody response and antibody longevity as it's primary reason to recommend boosters. This provides very little protection to someone previously vaccinated or infected. There's going to be a point in the near future where the antibody response from vaccination is going to be near nil because the virus will have mutated past this point of antibody effectiveness.

Immune response is your bodies ability to destroy the virus once you are infected. This is usually long lasting because of how complex your bodies immune system is and the many ways it has to fight infections. Using the tetanus shot for instance......every 7 years. The government is not studying immune response to vaccine or infection or how long lasting it is in any meaningful way...even though this is the gold standard of vaccine development and efficacy.....antibodies are nice but immune response is better.

So far the government doesn't know if your bodies immune response gets worse over time or how long the immune response lasts. It's not interested in the data for some inexplicable reason. There's a lot of private studies that show it's long lasting and robust and the data sort of supports this when you look at the numbers of vaccinated people vs unvaccinated who wind up with severe disease.

Viral infection is a part of every day life and now that we have effective vaccines that produce an effective immune response it's time to put the silly masks and other unscientific mitigation strategies away and get back to normal. For those that are not vaccinated and are in a risk group....good luck but the rest of us have sh!t to do.
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