BSR Wavepool Waco?


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May 5, 2008
Who's been and what do I need to know? Got 3 hours total booked and trying to figure out if regular shortboard/fins are fine but feel like something shorter and stubbier might be the call? Bringing my everyday Lost Driver 5'11" and step down Uber Driver XL 5'8". Probably just some regular Futures RTM fins and some Vapor Cores I just got as well. Both flat foiled as the wave seems to have some push and won't need to worry about generating a ton of speed.

I've heard the learning curve is a little steep in the beginning but plenty of waves to learn on per session and I should leave satisfied.

Any thoughts between the "expert" and "intermediate" waves? Both look fun.

Any chlorine shredders here that want to give me some tips? Closest I've ever come to surfing in Texas is layovers at the Houston airport.

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Sep 11, 2018
Probably dropping in on you, California
booked it for a private day in 2019 with some friends. we had 12 people. 6 in the water at a time - was way to much surfing tbh. could barely pop up by the end of the day.

regular shortboard will be fine or a step down if available is ideal.

the learning curve is catching the wave - what spot to be in etc. lots of current in the pool and staying in position to catch the wave is tricky. once you have the spot dialed, catching the wave is easy.

i wasnt prepared for how shallow it is, inside section is shin deep - hard concrete. you'll get din ged up for sure and most likely your boards may to from bouncing off the bottom. we were able to dial in the variety of waves at will and i split my elbow straight open pulling into and not making the "slab". its almost dry in that little section where it throws.

either way itll be fun.
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Apr 23, 2005
Malibu, CA
Scott Bass among other's have said the intermediate wave is more fun than the expert wave.


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Feb 20, 2003
boss hit his head hard on the inside, and he aint no kook
wave looks like youd wanna ride something shorter, narrower, and thinner than usual, just to fit the pocket for turns.
screw any paddling advantage, ride something youd ride if u were 10-15 pounds less