Broken toe


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Aug 3, 2019
I've broken multiple toes multiple times. I couldn't give you a count. Nothing to do but buddy tape it. Assuming the toe isn't on top of your foot pointing back at your ankle or something extreme. Obviously that would require surgery. To surf, just again, buddy tape it and maybe stuff it in a bootie. I'm sure you've figured all this out already. I've never let them stop me, but I suppose there is always the first time. Doing the rock hop out of the water can be interesting. I'd also probably take that side out of the rotation as far as kicking against an actual target. Feet can take a while to heal. You have to keep walking on them and the circulation isn't that great.


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Apr 22, 2001
If it helps, add some cotton balls between the next toe before you tape it up.

Problem with that sometimes, is that if it gets wet, you have to change it again.

Busted my baby toe last year, but not a crushing way like most. I tried to dodge my new puppy laying between the couch and square edged table leg (getting up off couch). Took a step to re-balance and basically thru my other foot forward fast and tried to shear my baby toe off on the table leg doing so. Pretty much 180'd it. Probably should've had a doc check it, but the wife says no big deal, she busted toes all the time and just taped them up (horses stepping on them). This was different than that. Wasn't sure if I completely dislocated the toe at the little end digit joint, or broke it. It's healed up now, but it seems the little mid-joint is fused and doesn't bend now like the other. Not sure what could've been done differently anyway, but who knows?

Depending on how you broke it, you might want to have it checked out to be sure how and where it broke.