Britney Griner released! "Merchant of Death" freed!

Duffy LaCoronilla

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Apr 27, 2016
She’s a complete idiot for bring thc vape into Russia but nobody should have to do 9 years in a gulag for a dumb mistake like that.

Good for her.

Hope she learns her lesson and hope she realizes that the US isn’t the evil country she thought it was.


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Jan 21, 2014
West of the Atlantic. East of the ICW.
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White supremacy terrorism
Reminds me of that airliner that took off from JFK about 20 years ago and mysteriously broke in two over Long Island Sound. A couple days later Good Morning America ran a video a viewer sent in from a beach wedding that appeared to show a missile going skyward just before the plane fell from the sky. Never saw that video anywhere ever again. The government seemed to go to great lengths over the next year to reverse engineer that incident into a center fuel tank explosion.......cause it had to be anything but what it seemed to be. I'm running out of conspiracy theories but that's one that still hangs out there.