Brian Bulkley Surfboards

Mar 17, 2013
Had several nice round tails from Brian. He gave me a nice T-shirt when I picked up my last order.... will order another soon.

Here is his contact: (760)453-1149
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Tom Curren status
Oct 14, 2017
8'2"x21 3/4" channeled, single fin, longboard/Cali gun.
No excuses

20W-50 and blood

Duke status
Feb 4, 2004
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5'11x 20x 2.63 Snapping Pig, edits leaning towards performance instead of fish stuff
fugging sh!t....the DRIVE/PROJECTION of the damn baord was isane every bit of anything you put into just gave back 3x over...smaller turns felt powerful....bigger ones like i actually suf well...and had probably the BEST fast NAIL GUN quality, straightup, backside hack of my life. i go straightup only a couple handulf of times a year....and this was the bst in any version of any memory i've got. because it has wings, a wider front end...nd four fins...someone woudl call it a hi performacne fish or some sh!t like that...this thing is more liek what you want your best shortboard to do in top of the gut to overhead waves. tip to tip tail is pure business. no fish feel. fug. i dont want ot spend money...but it felt so powefulprojectionladen even though its less foam that i normally ride...fuggggg
any why not...cheers to the bitchin craftsman who did othe rbaod sin the photo. bullock groveler in the back which i live...and the 14 bark in the background i'd trust my fugging life to. wel...have turste dmy life to. yeahhhhhhh!!!!