Big Wave Quad fins


Gerry Lopez status
Mar 31, 2005
Hi-- I had no input on the design of JJ's new big wave fins, and in fact only first saw them on the day of the Eddie last year! He rode them in both his heats that day, so i have to say he liked them! The way they are placed on the tabs means that they sit a bit further up the board (and thus further in off the rail) than where I intended the fins to be. I don't know if it's only his skill level that makes them work, or if they are some kind of leap in a better direction ?

Kai talking about MFC's version of these in his big AND small wave boards.
He also mentioned JJFs using that set up, as discussed above.
Bigger fins in the rear of the quad set..
Will be interesting to see how this develops both for big and small wave boards.