Biden Inflation Explosion

Will the erBB Leftists deny it is happening or will they embrace inflation as an awesome thing?

  • Deny Inflation Is Happening

  • Claim Inflation Is Good

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Jun 25, 2008
Biden admin made sure record inflation was going to go on unchecked, until it blind-sided them too late.

Trump had to throw money at Covid shutdown insanity Black Swanning the economy into depths not seen since the Great Depression. It worked faster and better than most would've ever suspected. By late 2020, economy/markets had fully bounced back.

It was done before it had a chance to really drag us into a Depression. Shortest "recession" in modern history (look it up).
Biden doubled and tripled down on the free cash for all, when it was no longer necessary.
Pouncing on the fossil fuel industry made it 4x worse than it should've been.
We're paying for all those "get even with Trump by reversing everything out of spite" decisions now.
ladies and gentlemen, come watch a grown man tie himself in to a pretzel!


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Aug 20, 2010
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New York Times economics correspondent Ben Casselman said recently: “True, although we can argue all day about how much.”

He explains: “Here’s what I think we can say with confidence: Inflation soared last year, primarily for a bunch of pandemic-related reasons — snarled supply chains, shifts in consumer demand — but also at least in part because of all the stimulus money that we poured into the economy. Then, just when most forecasters expected inflation to start falling, it took off again because of the jump in oil prices tied to the war in Ukraine.

“Now, inflation is falling again. Overall consumer prices were up just 0.1% in August, and a separate measure showed prices falling in July. But a lot of that is because of the recent drop in gas prices, which we all know could reverse at any time. So-called core inflation, which sets aside volatile food and energy prices, actually accelerated in August.
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Apr 23, 2001
the title of this thread is so dumb

we are dealing with inflation caused primarily by money printing that happened during the trump administration

but blaming it on trump would be as dumb as blaming it on biden

cranking up the money printer enjoyed full bipartisan support (although, to be fair, fed monetary policy is not really even governed by any elected officials)


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Jan 30, 2016
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a lot of people are very strongly saying that Biden is the most corporate-friendly president in history.

What corporations? Can @mundus and @hal9000 be more specific of what you mean when the two of you say "Corporate" and "Corporations".