BARK Stock CT Paddleboard


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Dec 1, 2008
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Custom Stock (12') BARK Paddleboard.

The 'CT' board from Joe Bark, the board from which the Commander was cast.

12' long & 19-3/4" wide, with my favorite chopped tail block to maintain glide and capitalize on speed. Board will work incredibly well for someone between 145 & 185 pounds.

Pristine condition. Always stored in the garage, bottom side up to avoid any railroad tracks, and cleaned with fresh water after every use. Channel proven to the extreme - this board (not one like it, but this one) has placed in the Catalina Classic five times. 18 pounds, water tight, and with a custom Futures RFD fin (yes, even the fin is custom) - - this board moves.

Lose your excuses.

Comes with Surftech bag. I could be convinced to throw in a bottle holder if you need it.


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