Barbados in February

Dec 5, 2010
Looking to book a trip to Barbados in February. Heading down with my wife and 3 yr old son. Would like to get a VRBO rental for a week. Any suggestions on family/surf location that time of year. Thanks for the help.


Tom Curren status
May 21, 2011
A Beach
If you want easy access to Soups, stay in Bathsheba. Although there is not much else nearby in terms of restaurants and other things to do. Not good for swimming or sunbathing.

St Lawrence Gap has an awesome stretch of sand with beautiful swimming and lots the restaurants, although you will need to drive a fair amount to get to the surf. Probably your best bet for non-surf aspects, especially if bringing the fam.

West Coast is super top dollar, and feels more like Martha's Vineyard than the Caribbean. Looks like there are nice beaches and good setups there, but probably inconsistent.


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Feb 29, 2008
st Lawrence gap nice and touristy, get a car can surf some fun longboard spots on south coast then head to east coast for soup bowls, if luck into a solid swell other spots will light up
but freights and brandons are fun with a longboard and for the kids and fam east coast is desolate fam will get bored after 3 days but its beautiful
I have a guide if you need him I can send you info get you to some harder to find spots