Back Foot Back B!tch!


Gerry Lopez status
Aug 5, 2008
Norf Cackalacka
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He is typically riding boards with length shaped to his height relative to the design while volume is adjusted via thickness and width, custom. His issues would come from moving model to model where rocker stance needs to be adjusted. Front foot can be an issue in this scenario as well. Not waxing as far up/back or putting tape or sticker on and then waxing over to hit mark can help there until you get up in the right spot naturally. This also helps the back foot.

Many having problems of being too far forward are off the rack customers buying their volume as it plays out through the lengths of the sizing run. If you find a board you like but can't seem to get your back foot back as far back as you want consider ordering custom an inch or two shorter (maybe more) while going up an 1/8 or so in thickness to gain back the volume.