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Jan 22, 2005
sorry for late response.

1. the mast is all the way forward in the boxes. haven't gotten bucked. Yet haha
2. same all the way forward mast position with the v200. before with the 232 i left my mast in same position as I had with 1250.I am at least an inch and a half farther forward in boxes now. I think I need to try the 1250 with mast all the way forward. I have been reluctant to do that in the past due to getting bucked with 1550.
3. on bigger waves I haven't gotten bucked like i did with my 1550 v1 or 1250.

I feel the lift is more gradual and a bit easier to control with the 1125 than has been with 1550 v1.

after a week on it I feel I'm getting used to it but still a bit tricky at times. pumping is way better than with 1550 and i really need to try my 1250 again but I just seem to want to ride the 1125 as much as possible since I got it.

Also wanted to mention I have wingnuts on mast to board connection for easy adjustment in the water. no tool needed. best $10 I spent.
I just did the same - 1125 all the way forward. No bucking and have had belly-chest high takeoffs. Glide is incredible - like the 1850 on steroids- just way faster (than even the 1250). This was with a chopped down 300. Seemed reluctant to turn (opposite of the HS foils) - might just be me.

Gonna bring it out tomorrow and try the 232 and then the FV200... more to follow.


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Jan 10, 2002
South Bay
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2 weeks in on the HA 1125 and v tail. They work very well. My only comment is probably just my own fault but if I don't have my feet in the right spot It feels a bit unstable compared to when I rode the 1250. But when I get feet set in right spot and get pump technique right it flies. so fast and glides in between pumps as well as having a bit squirt to each pump. Maybe I should try my 1250 again to really feel the difference the two foils. .oh and my only other comment is that it sucks to have to remove the 1125 every time i foil cause it would fit inside my truck bed and shell. haha
Aug 28, 2020
Fast forward a few months, how are you liking the 1125? I have been holding off since I figure the day after I buy it Armstrong will release a 1400 HA or something like that. I picked up a 1550 V2 and have really enjoyed it for winging and some of my wake sessions. It doesn't have the low stall speed of the 1850 but is noticeably faster.

I also got a 50 cm fuse, 60 cm mast and flying V tail which I have been using behind the boat and for prone. I thought the short fuse might be too twitchy but I love it. Prone FINALLY clicked for me last Friday and I got 8 decent waves with 6 of them being fairly long, mind blowing waves. H-dip wrote somewhere in this forum that proning was 10 sessions of falling and he was pretty close! Getting up and stable on take-off was so hard. Two of my wingfoil buddies also broke through on the same day and one of them got a 3 for 1. Success is contagious!