Anyone got a clue what this is? -Drug related


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May 11, 2009
in the bathroom
We had a bit of a situation with a dog/house sitter while I was in Puerto Rico and my girl was in NOLA. Long story short I had to kick the woman out of the house at 3am with the help of a family member who was there while I was in PR after getting notified my dog was barking nonstop since 7pm for two days straight among other things. My girlfriend got home before me and the place was definitely not left as it should, although nothing is missing and she did have to leave very abruptly. We thought it was done with but she found a small baggy of something, we presume is drugs. The closest we have gotten to ID is crushed molly or heroin; maybe even fentanyl. Curious if the errb hive mind knows. The grains are large, like large grains of sand. The color is hard to ID with the condition of the baggy but it looks salt and peppery but brownish, so not white. Pretty certain it’s not cocaine. I had thought it was maybe kief when I got sent the pics but the particle size is too big.

the girl was already fired. But
unfortunately it continues to develop and just today I found the owner of the company has had issues in the past with drugs. She was at the house for a few hours to give the dog a walk. So it’s possible she could have stashed it during the walk?

never have been so angry. I’ve been talking with a buddy whose an attorney, though not criminal, about the next mode of action. In all honest, nothing seems to be missing and I just want to be done with it. 66F74F12-9F82-44C2-B75C-40F1FA718F1A.jpeg1F3E9CE6-D856-4810-9741-23860D593598.jpegC66DB5B8-0131-418C-8DD6-59ED8916D6E3.jpeg
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Dec 31, 2008
I've seen plenty of low quality crank (street speed) that looked like that too, now that I think about it
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Jan 24, 2011
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Autoprax will smoke, snort, balloon, shove it up his ass, and inject it (not simultaneously) and tell you what happens. Send it his way.

Does not look like meth.
I love abusing drugs too much to abuse my ability to abuse.

That is the key.

And I'm a super lightweight.

That is another key to healthy long term abuse.

I'm going to the gym now to work legs.
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Sep 17, 2012
I'd call the police, explain, and ask for an officer to come over with a test kit, then do whatever you decide if it tests + for something.