Andy Lyons For Mayor!


Michael Peterson status
Dec 27, 2019
Over 50, white and wrinkling, if I were Andy I'd just offend the offender by immitating their behaviour, and proceeding to let everyone within earshot hear about it... a la,

"hey! look at me! I'm over 50, and still I'm burning the 20 year old back paddler! How's that feel kook? Now you see why it's not so cool, huh? Well, I think you need 50 more burns to truely learn, who wants to play burn the yellow board kook? Come on everyone, 5 guys in front of him, every wave!!!"

Bet noone would have fired him for that, and everyone would have joined in, ensuring yellow board kook has to sell said yellow POS and gotten at the very least a new hairdo before paddling out there again.


yeah. hardly ever turns out that way.

so easy. so fun running off backpafflers and dipshits when you have the right combo of big and crazy surfbros in the water.

more likely its solo sounding suppers to the beach while all the other kooks just sit there silent taking the show in


Billy Hamilton status
Dec 31, 2008
"Real Estate Agent Acting Like A Loudmouthed sh!t Talking Entitled Incompetent Dick" is as shocking as "Arsonist Takes Delight is Setting Fire." All in a day's work. . .
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