AIPA Wrecking Ball


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Apr 22, 2010
How about how thick they are. Are yours stock dims? At yours sizes, they're both over 3"
Not over 3in….Don’t know what the stock dims are. But I went back and forth with Duke and he’s seen me surf a few times so he came up with the sizing for me. Here are the dims on the big one. Like I said, combine these dims with the rocker it has and you’ve got a great paddling board that’ll get you into pretty much anything
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Aug 9, 2019
Ride report yet???
Great timing!

Just rode it yesterday for the first time, decent 2'-3' glassy swell, that was unfortunately closing out a fair amount as the tide was going out. But got a few with open faces and the board felt great! Awesome paddler! Has some interesting attributes/feel at times:

-one bottom turn felt like an old longboard I had, kinda that longer drawn out turn, but then coming out of it the board accelerated down the line, I was laughing out loud it felt so good: Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde like, but in a good way = mellow feel to high performance feel.
-overall I might call it like driving a Tesla, meaning at times it is felt like it was on autopilot/copilot.

And honestly I'm not much of a tube riding expert, I'll blame it on the waves I grew up on and generally ride today, so my wave ridding habits are getting down the line, top to bottom stuff. But I'll tell yah I think this board is designed to get deep, I just sensed a feeling of it wanting to be in that portion of the wave. I'm looking forward to a bigger day where it is bowling up.

The board is designed to be ridden as a quad, which I like, Futures fin box so used the Futures Stamps fins, which felt fine, but I'm interested in trying some other sets I have, with the bat tail I am not sure if there is a "better" more proper fin size, rake to be using.

So all in all I'm am not disappointed and love it at this point. It will be high in the rotation and lots of comments from fellow surfers which is always fun, except when you're getting out of wetsuit, haahaa! Cheers